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Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine

Last week, we tried to take the kids to Legoland Discovery Center at Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine
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Turns out, you need to plan ahead for that and buy tickets in advance – just showing up on a very busy holiday weekend doesn’t really work.

So, what were we to do?  We had driven across the Metroplex and had two kids who were both amped up on the promise of all the Legos they could handle.  We couldn’t let them down!

And so, we instead took them to the Sea Life Aquarium, located right across from Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine Mills Mall.

And what fun we had!

First of all, there wasn’t a huge line to slow us down.  We were able to walk right up and buy tickets.

To be honest, I thought the tickets were kind of pricey.  It was a little over $20 for an adult ticket and over $16 for Jack (he’s four).  Claire, at 17 months, was free.  I didn’t realize this at the time, but if you buy tickets online you save 25% – and that feels like a much better deal!

The kids LOVED this place.

Claire was more than happy to sit and was the fish swim by.

From the second we walked into the aquarium, we were surrounded by fish and sea life.  Rather than feeling like we were just peering into an aquarium, we felt immersed in the whole underwater experience.

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We spent a little over an hour in the aquarium, visiting all of the different exhibits (there were a lot!).  Jack’s favorite was the shark exhibit, in which we stood on a glass floor overlooking a tank full of sharks, giant sting rays and sea turtles.  My favorite part was probably the tunnel that cut through the shark tank – it’s pretty amazing to look up and see a shark gliding over your head!

After we visited all of the exhibits, the kids had the chance to touch a starfish and a sea urchin.

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Jack pets a starfish - he was nervous, but then asked if there were more animals he could pet!

There is also a play area once you’ve walked through the aquarium, so even though we didn’t get to run around at Legoland, Jack did get a chance to run around and play!

The Sea Life Aquarium made for a fun afternoon.  The kids realllly liked seeing all the fish, and I was grateful for an indoor activity that held their attention.  It was a bonus that it’s in a mall as there were lots of restaurants to choose from for lunch (and a carousel to ride!).  Next time (and there will definitely be a next time), I’ll know to buy my tickets in advance to save some money!

If you like fish, you might also check out theChildren’s Aquarium at Fair Park.