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San Diego Zoo

We took advantage of the “Kids Free in October” special going on this month and visited the San Diego Zoo.
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It was our first visit there and wow.  Seriously, Wow.  It is a well-known zoo for a reason.  We got there when it opened.  And we headed to the back of the zoo right before it closed, so we could walk along and see more of the zoo as we headed to the exit.  And we still didn’t see quite everything!  We had so much fun.

The San Diego Zoo is a beautiful zoo.  The landscape and environment are exquisite.  The exhibits are fantastic.  The variety of animals is impressive.  And the information about the animals is helpful – especially in teaching my kids more about the animals.  My kids’ favorite was probably the reptile house.  Hey, they are boys.  They love things that creep, slither and gross me out! The green mamba is one of their favorite snakes, so they were so excited to see one up close (but safely behind glass, haha).  I personally loved the panda. What a cute, cuddly-looking bear.  We saw her when she was kicking back in a hammock eating her lunch of bamboo. So cute.  We saw the leopard cubs in the evening time and they were so funny.  They were chasing each other around, climbing over each other, nipping at each other.  So fun to see them so playful

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The kid’s area is fantastic.  There is a fun little playground to play on.  The petting zoo is always a hit visiting the goats and sheep.  There are also smaller exhibits for the kids to see some of the animals close up.  Other areas in the zoo also have play areas for the kids.  Sometimes they just need some time to climb like the animals!

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I’ve been to a lot of zoos, but this is my favorite zoo. We will definitely be going back.  A new exhibit of the Australian Outback is being constructed right now, opening in Spring 2013.  We don’t want to miss that!  San Diego has such great weather year round, so avoid the busy summer months and crowds by visiting the zoo now!

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Here are a few hints about visiting the zoo:

– It is hilly in some areas, so be prepared when pushing a stroller to get a bit of a workout!

– The map can be a little challenging to follow your first time.  But there are zoo personnel that are very helpful to point you in the right direction.

– You can bring in your own food if you want to save money. I like to bring our own lunch and then pick out something fun to eat while we are there.  You can also get a souvenir cup for $10 that you can refill the rest of the day for free.  You can then bring it back to the park anytime and have it refilled for just 99 cents each time.

– The membership at the zoo is one of the best deals in San Diego.  You can get a membership for 2 adults for just $109 (or watch for special deals for just $99!) and that membership includes BOTH the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park! Each of those costs over $40 just for one visit! Get more membership information here.

– Parking is FREE!

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