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Royal Caribbean Cruise Review: Barbie Premium Experience

Barbie Cruise! Some of you might yell OMG YAY! Some of you might take a deep breath and reflect upon the bowl cut you had in 2nd grade and wonder how you got here.
A little something for your girls to do on their days at sea on Royal Caribbean

Barbie Cruise! Some of you might yell OMG YAY! Some of you might take a deep breath and reflect upon the bowl cut you had in 2nd grade and that fist fight you got in after tether-ball in the 4th grade. Oh wait . . . is that just me?

Somehow, I ended up with 2 very girly girls. Where did they come from? Needless to say there was lots of shrieking when they figured out that they got to participate in the “Barbie Experience” on board Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. Here's our Royal Caribbean Cruise review of the Barbie Premium Experience at sea!

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Barbie Sets Sail
You can visit Royal Caribbean for full details about the program and adding the Barbie Experience to your cruise for your girls. The Barbie Experience is available on most of their ships. Worried about the boys in your life being trapped on a Barbie cruise? Our son was with us, and he definitely was not impacted by the abundance of pink since there are so many activity options on board. He was rock climbing and playing dodge ball while we were immersed in our frothy pink feather boa experience.

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