15 Random Road Trip Stops We'll Never Forget

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Some of the best moments we’ve had on road trips are when we slowed down and enjoyed the stops along the way.

Like this time when we decided last minute to take the long way home. We pulled over at a stop on the side of the road and discovered a national moment we had in our home state that I am ashamed to say I never knew existed! It had just finished raining, the sun was out and going down and it made for one of the most beautiful evenings we’ve had with our little family.

It was just us and a handful of other people -- shortly after -- we were back on the road, enjoying the scenic route.

What you’re seeing is a collection of photos from our staff here at TodaysMama.com of our favorite unplanned stops on family road trips. That’s where the magic happens! When we slow down and take the time to actually stop.

As parents, we are always going, going, going. It’s not often that we take time to stop – or think about stopping at all. But as busy moms schlepping our kids around in the car from one activity to another or hitting the road on vacation or for the holidays, it’s something we really SHOULD think about.

The average family makes 40K stops a year, that’s 40K times we rely on our tires to keep us safe. If your tires are a few years old, it may be time to consider how they’re holding up. When it comes to stopping suddenly, are your tires still performing?

We could all benefit from giving stopping the attention it deserves – both on the road and in every day life.”

Will your tires stop on time? Learn a little something about what it takes to make your car STOP (whether you have brand new tires or a worn set of tires I think you’ll be surprised.

Best of all? You can ENTER TO WIN a brand new set of tires from Michelin! 

Learn the truth about worn tires - so that you can make these kinds of magical moments happen when it’s time to slow down and STOP!


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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Michelin. They invited us out to their headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina this last Spring. We learned all about tires, drove on their test track, and left feeling even better about the Michelin tires I all ready had on my car! We are excited to be working with them again!

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