Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

Summer is flying by!
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Too quickly for my taste.  We are making the most of it trying to balance all the fun things to do plus have lazy days of just being creative and playing at home or reading.  One of our ‘to-do’s’ for the summer was to visit the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. We love hands-on science.  Learning and playing combined into one great place.

The main floor has a lot of different exhibits to get your kids right in there learning about light, air, and forces.  I love that kids of any age can walk up to an exhibit and just jump in figuring it out how it works and play with it.  They learn so much just by doing.  But I also love that each exhibit has explanations there for parents and older children to read over and learn more about the why’s and how’s of what is going on and talk with their children about it.

There is a lot to learn at the science center about the human body.  One exhibit area downstairs is all about human cell biology. Kids learn about the different parts of a cell, what they do, and the science behind stem cell research.  A visiting exhibition right now, and one of my kids’ favorite parts of the center, is Grossology: the (impolite) Science of the Human Body.  Here we able to play an almost life-science version of Operation, learning where different body parts go and trying to get them out without touching the sides.

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The kids climbed a rock wall of skin, complete with scabs, bruises, zits, etc.

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They also pumped soda into a belly, watched it bubble, and the resulting burping that comes from all that gas.  Speaking of gas, they also learned about what makes us “toot” and why it makes noise when we do.   Yes, this area was a hit with my boys!

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My two younger boys had a great time playing in Kid City.  It is just for kids 5 and under, which is always nice to have a place at their level.  They played with pulleys, a market, and the ball wall with multiple chutes, tracks and moving parts.

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We ran out of time for any of the IMAX movies, but we hope to enjoy one in the future.  The science center was fairly crowded during parts of the time we were there, mostly with summer camps.  But the kids didn’t have to wait long to try out any of the exhibits, and when the camps when into any of the movies, it emptied out the science center for a long period of time for the kids to enjoy their time without as big of crowds.  So it all worked out well.

The Fleet Science Center is located right in beautiful Balboa Park. If you want to take your kids to the science center, take advantage of some of the great deals available for locals:

  1. Request a membership pass you can check out from your local library for 2 weeks, as I mentioned here.
  2. Go to the science center on one of the free Tuesdays (first Tuesday of each month) for local residents. You can get more info here.

A few other deals and discounts are listed here.

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