Re-locating from one state to another…

Just keep swimming….just keep swimming….
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just keep swimming swimming swimming.  Dorie on ‘Finding Nemo’ had this great anthem to get through those deep waters we tend to get ourselves in.  Have you ever embarked on a household move and/or a re-location of your entire life?  No…well then you would be in for a treat.

The prep time alone on this intense adventure is enough to make you snarf more than one bag of Doritos.  I suppose I should start with the low down on what is doing all the moving in my life.  We are fortunate that my husband has a really great job and bonus it’s a really great company.  We have moved for them before…from Utah to Australia.  That was an experience that I will forever treasure and be enriched from.  No, it was not all cupcakes and sprinkles, but it was fulfilling all the same.

We are now in the process of moving from Utah to Texas.  Considering my past move I thought this one would be a piece of cake (with those sprinkles mentioned previously), but it has been anything but!  Re-locating from one ‘state’ to another has many levels.  Emotional as well as the actual physicality of it.  You don’t realize just how much impact it has on you and your family until you’ve done it.  We were able to sell our home (phase [1] of our “plan”) after having it on the market for a mere month…B*L*E*S*S*E*D*.  When we got the news that we had sold our home I actually heard a chorus in my head singing hallelujah.  Now as much of a blessing as it is to sell our home it has also required a bit of flare for change, hectic-ness, mood swings, and the inevitable exhaustion.

It would be no problem if the official move was to take place…oh I don’t know say…NOW, however, we have decided to consider our children’s well beings (it’s a parent thing…) and wait until school concludes at the end of May.   Here comes phase [2] of our “plan”…move in with my parents until further notice…a.k.a. the end of May.   As we speak, all of my family’s belongings are on a moving semi waiting in TX for our arrival.  My wardrobe weeps for me, let me assure you.  We each assumed the task of filling a regular sized duffel bag with whatever we need to survive the next two months.

Let me start by saying how fab it is to have a place to go…then let me mention how stressful it can be to share the same roof with so many people.  I don’t know why, but it just is.   It’s as if our life is on hold; waiting for the next phase, but being unable to actually cross that line.  What comes next?  Moving.  Traveling.  Unpacking.  Organizing.  I love Utah.  I will miss Utah.  I love my extended family.  I will miss my extended family.  I have never been to TX, but I’m sure I will love it there too.  I figure I can be happy living anywhere…as long as our family is intact.  I love adventure which is good because…whew hoo it’s only the beginning!

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It's nuts how a home can go from 'home' to just a 'house' when all your stuff isn't there

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