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Radio City Music Hall Back Stage Tour

When I think of Christmas I automatically think Radio City Music Hall and the Rockettes.
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Before I moved to New York City, it was my own tradition to visit the Big Apple and watch the Rockettes every year. I just love their dancing and have a secret dream of becoming one.

I know I will never be a Rockette – you need to be 5’10 or taller and that I am not–but I was fortunate enough to get a complementary back stage tour of Radio City Music Hall, which was my first tour.  I learned so much from that tour and if you like history, architecture, and art, you will love this tour. I never knew Radio City was a national landmark and was built in 1933.

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I had so much fun at this tour that I went again with Lori when she visited last month. One thing I like about living in New York City is I can play tourist in my own city if I want to. I look at things with different eyes.  I learned even more the second time I went and I took even more pictures and even met a Rockette. I won’t give out the details of the tour.  But, you will see things that you will never see and learn so much history about the building, the owner, how the Rockettes was born and meet a Rockette where you can ask her any question, pertaining to the Rockettes, that is.  I never knew the Rockettes have to audition each year.  You never take for granted that you are a Rockette!  And, they have to sing for their audition, even if they do not sing on stage.  Hmmm. I never will be a Rockette in this lifetime.   It’s a fun tour and a must see the time you are in New York City and then watch the Rockettes in the Christmas Spectacular.  You will see the music hall in a new light.

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If you would like to go to the Back Stage Tour, my Today’s Mama readers will receive $3 off when you purchase your tickets at the box office. Mention the code FALLFUN to receive $3.oo off the regular admission price of $18.50.  This code expires on January 31, 2011. Have a good time!

Since I went to the Back Stage Tour, I watched another Christmas Spectacular, which I did last Thursday.  I took my significant other with me and it was Eddie’s first time inside setting foot inside Radio City Music Hall.  He was so impressed by the grandness and even felt a little holiday spirit.  How could you not?  There were Christmas trees, wreaths, and decorations all throughout the music hall.  Even though I have watched many Christmas Spectacular’s in my lifetime, each show is unique as if I am watching it for the first time.

{images:  First two images were given to me from Lauren MacNamee from Madison Square Garden Entertainment. The last image was taken by a fellow bystander who was on the tour with us}.