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Portland Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014 is almost here!
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Time to celebrate it, PDX style! If you’re not going out of town – or if you’re in need of a staycation, these locations are sure to be a big hit for your whole family.

Oregon Zoo. Yes, I know you’ve been there before. Yes I know it’s probably going to be rainy. But I have two words for you: lion cubs. Seriously adorable. You simply musthave a look-see.

Cub in a bucket, courtesy of Oregon Zoo.

Seaside, Oregon. It wouldn’t be a vacation in Oregon without a trip to the coast! Seaside happens to be one of those places your whole family will enjoy. From the sand and the surf, to the great food and awesome merry-go-round, you simply won’t be bored here. Plan for a whole day’s excursion if you can, weather permitting. The earlier you go, the easier it is to find parking, too.

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Rainbow Trout Farm. Do you have budding fishermen in your family? This family owned trout farm has it all: all you have to do is show up! They will provide fishing gear, a pond stocked to the gills with fish (pardon the pun) and they’ll even gut and clean the fish for you to take home and cook. My son, the avid fisherman, thinks this spot is “cheating” because there are so many fish, but I call it “inspiration” and “motivation” for his little sister who hasn’t been so enamored with the “bait and wait.” Plus, rain and rain gear only adds to the full experience. Getting muddy is FUN.

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The Enchanted Forest. The Enchanted Forest is planning their seasonal opening just in time for Spring Break! In addition to Storybook Lane and their European Village, they also offer rides, comedy theater, food and fun for the whole family. You can choose to purchase a ride bracelet and just let the kids go crazy, or you can purchase individual ride tickets for less than a dollar.

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OMSI. Tired of the rain? Go indoors: there’s always something fun to do at OMSI. Whether you’re there for the ever-rotating science exhibits, the newly remodeled beyond-IMAX theater or a guided tour through the submarine, this will keep your kids entertained – at out of the rain – for a few hours at least!

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Sarah at OMSI – the budding scientist

Waterfront Park. Officially named Tom McCall Waterfront Park, there’s always something going on there. This park stretches for miles, with a parking garage at the Marina and the south end of the park. It’s peppered with green spaces, walkways along the river, food (of varying degrees of cost) and carnival rides.

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Waterfront Carnival – always a good time!

Swimming pool! Tired of the rain, but not tired of getting wet? There are more indoor pools in and around Portland than you think! Here’s a great place to start looking for a pool in your area.

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Swimming in PDX

These are our favorite places to go for Spring Break 2014 – PDX style. Where are yours? List them below!


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