Plan a Phoenix Staycation For Under $40 a Person

It is summer and I am totally in the mood for a vacation! Aren’t you?
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Unfortunately, a family vacation out of state is not in our near future, but a fantastic and affordable STAY-cation is thanks to our new adventures with Pogo Pass. We can have a blast without leaving the state for under $40 a person/pass. We would spend more on gas driving to the beach! And the best part is that we get more than one week of fun with this pass…we get an entire 12 months to use and take full advantage of all it has to offer!

What You Need To Do:

Step 1: Purchase your Pogo Pass at and enter the code POGODEAL to get each pass for $40 (a 60% discount)

Step 2: Save time plotting what you are going to do by using the Pogo Pass Calendar to see what is available on the specific day you want. Seriously, this is new feature and totally awesome!

Step 3: Have Fun!

My Ideal Staycation Week

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There was a lot to choose from, but the calendar feature really helped me narrow it down. We will get FREE admission to all of these locations below with our Pogo Pass and a few of them we will have small equipment rental fees.

Monday: Sunsplash ALL DAY. My kiddos are dying to go!

Tuesday: We will beat the heat indoors with a trip to the Arizona Museum of Natural History in the morning and then 2 free games of bowling at Brunswick Bowling that afternoon or evening.

Wednesday: Jump Street – We have found 1 hour is perfect for 7 and under and the older kids are exhausted of dodge ball just before hitting 2 hours.

Thursday: Rock Climbing in the morning and catch a show at the Phoenix National Comedy Theatre that evening.

Friday: Phoenix Zoo – Planning on an all day adventure, but with the hot day we will plan on stopping by a neighborhood splash pad on the way home to cool off.

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Phew! What a week! I am totally excited just looking at this list.

And the best part is, that we get to use this pass to continue on having the fun the next 12 months! Awesome fun!

What is your ideal stay-cation?