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Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo
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Spring Break is still trickling through Arizona and this is our prime time to head outside to enjoy those glorious Arizona attractions.  One great place to spend a day with the kiddos is the Phoenix Zoo!

Don’t all kids want to live at the zoo or be a veterinarian at some point? (Or was that just me?)  One of my children is especially focused on becoming a zookeeper when she grows up – not just any zookeeper; she wants to be a book-writing, orchestra-playing, store-owning zookeeper artist!  At least she will never be bored.  In the meantime, she’s cultivating her own stuffed animal zoo right here in our home.

While a trip to the zoo was the perfect day for her, the other kids enjoyed it too. Besides the various animals, the Phoenix Zoo offers other activities for those times when the kids need a change of pace.  There’s a train ride, petal boats, a carousel and several playground.  One of the playgrounds has a seasonal water feature that should open next month.

But let’s face it, it mostly about the animals.  Some of the first animals we saw were burrowing owls, which were even more interesting since our family book clubread Hoot. I loved getting close to the Spider Monkeys in the Monkey Village.  Zookeepers allow you to enter the cage and be in the middle of the monkeys jumping, swinging and eating. Another one of my favorite exhibits is the Stingray Bay.  From October to April (for a small fee) guests may reach in the pool and pet the stingrays as they swim near the edge.  It’s a little freaky at first, but then it’s amazing.

We took a break from walking by sitting down and enjoying an animal show.  It was another cool way to see more animals up close and learn about them, although I was a little nervous being that close to a porcupine.

After such a great day, it’s easy to see why the Phoenix Zoo is one of the top zoos in the country.