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Pennypickle’s Workshop

I’ve been to a number of different children’s museums in my ten years as a parent.
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But Pennypickle’s Workshop is not like any other children’s museum I’ve ever been to.  And I love that.  We recently headed north to Temecula to visit this fun workshop and had a blast.  Created with a steampunk style, the engaging workshop is cluttered with hands-on inventions that are so fun to play with, the kids don’t know how much they are learning!

The workshop is made to look like Professor Pennypickle’s home with rooms such as the kitchen, the library, the bedroom, the music room and more.  We were given a list of things to look for in the workshop as part of a scavenger hunt.  It helped guide us through the various rooms and focus in on certain features of the museum.  But it would be just as fun to wander through and let your curious kids be your guide!

Some of our favorite parts of the workshop were:

The Time Machine

As the kids sat in this chair, a video played ahead of them preparing them for their journey through The Time Machine!  Once the video was done, you followed the arrows through the fireplace to “travel through time”.  You enter a black light Maze Room which was another favorite.  My youngest went through this maze at least 20 times.

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The music room hosts a grand piano that was turned into the “Philharmonimatic” which plays many different instruments at once!  In the kitchen you see the peanut-butter-and-jelly machine, the pizza twister balancing pizza boxes, and powerful magnets in the sink.  Over in the bedroom, the bed is turned into an illusionator and you can you become a human kaleidescope!

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The "Philharmonimatic"

The hallway is filled with experiments and gadgets also with optical illusions and science facts. Kids can climb in the basket of a hot-air balloon and imagine they are heading off on an exciting adventure.  There are displays of bugs, clocks with times in different cities around the world, notes written with interesting facts.  Everywhere you turn there’s a little something to do, to learn, to imagine.  

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And every room is filled with pennies and pickles for you to search for (get it? Penny-pickle’s workshop?)

At just $4.50 a person, it’s a great deal for some fun entertainment and learning for your child (and for you!) We had a blast!  Go check out the wacky and wonderful gadgets at Pennypickle’s Workshop in Temecula. (Be sure to check the website for their hours!)