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Oui! Oui! Our Fun Road Trip to Paris Texas

For Mother’s Day, I can proudly say that my husband took me to romantic Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.
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It was wonderful! We arrived 2.5 hours after our departure and came home the very same evening without breaking the bank!

In case you think you misread the above, let me clarify. We took a road trip to Paris, TX. And “oui, oui,” this small town boasts its very own Eiffel Tower. I didn’t have to practice my French and we didn’t have to worry about boarding our family dog at our veterinarian’s office.

The first place we visited was Paris’ Eiffel Tower. It was adorable and worth the driving time to see. It’s 65 feet tall and has a red cowboy hat at the top of the tower. We had so much fun taking family pictures.

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We then drove downtown which boasted a beautiful fountain. Again, we took pictures in front of the Paris sign and the fountain. Fortunately, we were blessed with beautiful weather the day of our visit. It was the perfect day to don shorts and sunglasses.

Lady Luck was smiling down on us. We secured a last minute tour for our family of four at the Sam Bell Maxey House  and admission was free the day of our visit. Our guide was very polite and informative. She provided such detailed facts of former owners and their rich history.  I was pleased to discover our ten year old had been attentively listening.

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As Texans, we are truly blessed with all that surrounds us. There’s so much to to do and see! Go out and take advantage of the many attractions Texas has to offer.