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On Board the Disney Magic Cruise (Magic, Indeed!)

Greetings from the High Seas!
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We are on day four of our Disney Magic cruise through the Western Caribbean, and I’ve already decided I’ll never sail another cruise line again with kids. When it comes to entertaining kids, Disney knows what they are doing.

The first two days of the Disney Magic cruise were at sea, and I was a little worried I would struggle with keeping the kids entertained. They are, after all, three-years-old and fifteen-months-old, and with their short attention spans, keeping them entertained is a daily project. Turns out, I need not have worried.

In fact, I’ve been having the opposite problem – what do we do first, and what are we going to have to miss out on?

So far, we’ve spent several hours at the splash pool, which is perfect for little babies and bigger toddlers, alike. Jack prefers the Mickey Mouse pool, which is in the shape of none other than Mickey Mouse himself and is only two feet deep (and the ears are only about a foot deep…perfect for the little ones to lounge in!).

Everything is set up for families. Chairs line the Mickey Mouse pool, so parents can relax in the sun while keeping a close eye on their kids. And just a few steps away is Goofy’s Galley, a deli that serves up all kind of goodness for lunch (turkey and cranberry sandwiches on wheat bread with a side of juicy cantaloupe and an iced tea being my favorite).  And, Goody’s Galley is open for breakfast, too (in fact, it’s even open before the Topsider’s Buffet opens for breakfast – and I’d know that because yes, my kids were up so early the breakfast buffet hadn’t opened, yet).

I’ve had a hard time peeling the kids out of the pools, but there is just so much to see and do, I’ve had to keep pool time down to an hour or two each day (and, my kids are very fair-skinned and this tropical sun is intense, y’all).

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Probably one of the highlights to a Disney Magic cruise is meeting all the characters. As soon as we see Mickey descend the staircase in the main atrium, the kids go WILD. The lines for the character greetings move along pretty quickly, but once it’s your turn to meet Mickey, you don’t feel rushed…they spend some time with your child before and after pictures, and they even know how to deal with a shy toddler who wants to meet them but at the same time, is too shy leave Mom’s arms (that would be Claire).

So far, we’ve met Mickey (twice), Minnie (twice), Chip and Dale, Pluto and Donald Duck. We are hoping to meet Goofy tonight, and I know Jack would like to spend more time with Donald and Pluto should our schedule allow – and of course, we need to dress Claire up in her Minnie Mouse outfit and get another picture with Minnie, too! Every morning, we receive a program of the day’s activities and this includes all of the scheduled character greetings – so you’ll always know where to find them (and, there’s a number you can call that gives you the times and locations of all the character greetings, as well). We aren’t into the Disney Princesses yet (I give it another or year or so before that obsession starts), but the Princesses have a big appearance every day, with lots of fanfare, and it’s great fun to watch (little ones can meet Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Tiana and Aurora).

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So, as you can tell, we’ve been having lots of fun on the ship. We’ve also had lots of fun *off* the ship, as well…and we’re just getting started.

Yesterday we experienced the Dolphin Encounter and Turtle Farm in Grand Cayman. I want to tell you all about it – but the internet is a little slow and the stories of our excursions definitely need pictures, so I’ll wait until I’m home to share those adventures.

I have two kids waiting for me (thank goodness for my sister, who came along to help) back in our room, and a trip to Costa Maya, Mexico to prepare for (we should be there in an hour!), so I’ll end this here…but I’ve got lots more to tell you about (and lots of pictures to share!) about this fabulous Disney Magic cruise.

As Mickey would say, “See you real soon!”

Disclosure: Disney has paid my expenses for this cruise.  The opinions, however, are all mine!


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