Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista

I am a big fan of the Olympics.
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I wrote about making the Olympics a family traditionduring the London games last summer. My love of all things Olympic led me to visit the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista with my kids.  As one of 3 training centers in the United States, it is the newest and the largest.  It was built as a place for athletes in the top ten percent of their sport to be able to train at no cost to them.  They can house over 100 athletes at a time.  And the center was built and runs completely on donations.

The visitors’ center showed us a 15-minute video highlighting Team USA and many exciting Olympic moments. Then we enjoyed a free tour with a couple of other homeschool families, taking a tram around the 155-acre facility .  You can attend a free tour on Saturdays at 11 a.m. or go on a free self-guided, walking audio tour with commentary from Olympic athletes during visiting hours all week long.  We were able to see the soccer and rugby fields, field hockey, BMX tracks, archery, beach volley courts, and track and field areas along with the dorms and dining area for the athletes.  We saw actual athletes out practicing while we were there.  It was so exciting! Lower Otay Reservoir near the training center is also used for rowing and kayaking.

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Track and Field

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Beach volleyball courts

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Soccer Players practicing

The beautiful center has an Olympic torch with a ring of flag poles for the country flags.  The only flags regularly flown are the flags for the next summer and winter Olympic host countries, currently Russia and Brazil. The visitors’ center also has a BMX room to view bikes and jerseys of Olympic BMX riders as well as a Team USA Shop.

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BMX Memorabilia

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Olympic Torch

We had a great visit and will definitely go back again to see more athletes training and to support Team USA.  For more information about the programs and events occurring at the Olympic Training Center, please call (619) 656-1500. The Olympic Training Center is located at 2800 Olympic Parkway.


Bird's Nest in Beijing (Flickr: Marc Dalmulder)

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