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OhLook Performing Arts Center – Grapevine, TX

OhLook Performing Arts Center – Grapevine, TX
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Grapevine, a short distance away from our home town of Flower Mound, has recently become one of our favorite places to visit. It’s small, quaint, and boasts of local wineries and Mom & Pop shops.

It reminds me so much of the small community I grew up in. People are friendly and make the time to speak with you.

One recent weekend, we took the girls to a performance of Blues Clues, the Most Spectacular Race. We didn’t know what to expect, so we were a bit surprised it was a small performing arts center. However, as we walked in the door, we were welcomed by the volunteers who honored my day late tickets. We were there on a Saturday and my tickets were for the day before.

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Prior to the performance, we were ushered into another room. We discovered cute, adorable and adoptable dogs. The girls loved interacting with the puppies and dogs. And the volunteers were quick to answer and accommodate any of their lingering questions.

As curtain call neared, we were brought into another room (seated no more than 50) before production began. We were so pleased with the show, the acting, and how personal and intimate it was. After the play, the girls were allowed to get the actors’ autographs and pose with them. Our girls were thrilled that they were given notepads to follow along with the interactive show. It really was a sweet treat!

Our little one wore her Big Time Rush t-shirt which one of the actors noticed. She said that Logan from Big Time Rush had roots at OhLook Performing Arts Center. That’s it! That’s what sold my girls as future patrons.

If acting is ever in our girls’ future, we’ll be sure to enroll them here.

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– Cool Playground Mommy