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No Need to Travel to Louisiana, We have a Gator Farm In Texas

Me Eating a Gator Kabob
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My hubby and I have lived in the Dallas area (via our home state of California) for over 13 years. Though we consider ourselves Texan, the tourist in me maps out and plans our visits within the Lone Star State.

Among the places we visited over Labor Day Weekend, we drove an hour away from Dallas and made our way to a gator farm. People might find it hard to believe that I would actually be interested in such a place, but we’re talking about the same adventurous girl who worked two college summers at an Alaskan salmon cannery (at you guessed it, canning salmon!).

I was surprised there was such a thing in Texas. So, when I found out it was only a hop, skip, and a jump away, we had to pack up and drive our two girls, a bag of snacks, our gallon of water, and bug spray to this destination.

The entire time, I was anxious to get there.  That was up until we got on a one way windy road lined with older homes and Dixie Flags.  Despite all this, I hung in there until our car’s GPS got us to our intended destination, East Texas Gators & Wildlife Park.

There was no formal parking lot, but whatever reservations I had, it disappeared as soon as we stepped inside. We spotted one of the workers holding the cutest and furriest chinchilla. With little prodding, we (my daughters, hubby and myself) all took turns holding this sweet creature.

Admission was very affordable ($5 for kids and $6 for adults) and we were at ease exploring the park. It was filled with ducks, a possum, birds, squirrels, raccoons, fawns, kittens and gators (surprise, surprise)!  We were amazingly close to the gators and watched in awe as they were fed during their 3 pm  meal.

We thoroughly enjoyed the cooler and breezy weather while slurping on our snow cones. No visit was complete without trying a gator kabob (tastes like tough chicken).

Keep an open mind and you’ll surprise yourself and your family with how much fun you’ll have at this park.

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The Girls and I Petting a Baby Gator