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My Masterpiece Art Studio Exposes Children of All Ages to Inner Artist

My Masterpiece Art Studio Exposes Children of All Ages to Inner Artist
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We love getting creative with art supplies, so you can imagine our delight when we heard about My Masterpiece Art Studio in Portland, Oregon.

This hands-on fine art studio offers all the high quality art materials and inspiration you need to sculpt, paint, draw, create collages, prints and produce amazing works of art.

The Open Studio is set up for a drop-in style between Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For a flat fee, you purchase your art medium of choice and a world of art supplies await your creative juices.

From clay and monochromatic drawing to watercolor and acrylic painting – this art studio has it all and for every age Picasso.

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Clay creations getting ready for the kiln.

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This creative space is a conducive environment for children and their families to creatively interact in 3,000 square feet of creative space.

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Art packages start at $8.00 for studio “singles” and pottery options and range to $18.00 for a Master’s Kit including canvas, pastel paper, sulfite drawing paper, a pound of clay, firing and tickets to glaze your clay creations. Many other kits and options fall in between the categories.

In addition to the drop-in studio, the art studio also offers classes, special events, camps and art parties. Themes change each month and new classes ranging from an hour or more to camps provide extra instruction.

Art classes begin teaching age two and extend upwards with workshops for adults. Artists guide students in using imagination, memory or observation to create art masterpieces you will want to display.

One of the days we visited, a Harry Potter theme was being presented so art kits were available to match the theme along with tastings of Butterbeer, Harry Potter Jelly Bellies and other theme-related snacks.

Plan on at least several hours of dedicated art studio time. Each time we visited, my kids groaned when it was time to leave as we did not allocate enough time before sport practices or other commitments.

I highly recommend this wonderful, creative art experience for kids ranging from 2 to adult!


The Art of Watching Children Create Art

One of the great delights of Motherhood is watching children create their own art. As distinct as their own thumbprints, the art that comes from their minds is expressed on untold numbers of pages. Stick figure after stick figure at first progresses to include hair, clothes, even shoulders! What a delight it is to observe their creations as that literally “fall out” of their minds through pencils, pens, crayons, brushes and markers as they produce something totally unique to themselves.