My love affair with the Indiana State Fair

I love the Indiana State Fair. Love.
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Indiana knows how to throw a state fair and the first time I went five years ago, the fair had me at the sight and smell of fried candy bars. Each year, I tend to go multiple times. My friends know this about me and they’ve asked me, why do I love it so? So here are some of my reasons for loving the Indiana State Fair in no particular order:

1.There is so much to see and do, I can’t do it all at once. For some reason, I love that there is so much to offer that there’s more than I could possibly fit into one visit. I like the fact that I never get bored. Want to see some animals? At every corner. In the mood for some art? You’ll find it. Hungry for something fried on a stick? Pick your poison. Want to see a giant sculpture made out of cheese? Got that too. Where else can I do all this and dance on stage with M.C. Hammer (true story) but at the Indiana State Fair.

2.It’s a photographer’s playground. I love my fair pictures. It doesn’t matter day or night, there is always something to capture. In fact, if you are into photography, take some time to go specifically to photograph. If that means leaving the kids at home, do it as a date night or a night out with your fellow photography friends.

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3.Activities for kids are plentiful. There is so much geared for kids, you’ll have no trouble getting them excited to go to the fair. For older kids, Midway is where it’s at with rides for all ages. Make sure to check out the Midway specials to save money.

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The list could go on but I’m pretty sure I’ve already convinced you to go so now I’ll give you a few tips.

1.Don’t fear parking. You may have to walk a little bit and I’ve never paid more than $5. Just follow the other cars and you’ll figure it out. And while I’m telling you what not to fear – restrooms are plentiful so if you have little kids (or a tiny bladder), don’t worry there’s always a restroom nearby.

2.There are ALWAYS discounts. Don’t pay full price when you go. I repeat, do not pay full price for admission. Admission actually isn’t too expensive (and kids under 5 are free) but food at the fair can add up quickly. So, do yourself a favor and check out the section devoted to special deals and days on the Indiana State Fair website (and in their new app!) on money saving discounts. I love going on Turkey Hill Tuesday where admission is $2 (with a printed voucher) and they have $2 Taste of the State Fair where there are $2 food specials and $2 rides at Midway throughout the day.

3.Download the Indiana State Fair app. I did it last night and it has maps and a full schedule and the aforementioned special deals and days. So you have no excuse for not saving money.

4.If you are still wondering how to tackle the Indiana State Fair, there are customized sample itineraries on the Indiana State Fair Website for families, foodies and even date night. I typically wander every time I go unless there is a concert I’m attending. So either way – if you are a planner or a wanderer, I think you’ll still find what you’re looking for.

The Indiana State Fair runs from August 2-18, 2013. For more information about hours, admission, and location see their website at