Mummies at the Leonardo

One thing that has always been very important to us as parents is spending quality time together as a family.
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I’m sure that most of you feel the same, but like us it can also be hard to find things to do that are fun and worth it. Utah is such an amazing place to live because there are things to do in every season, and we happen to have a great downtown area with lots of opportunities to play and learn with our kids. The Leonardo Museum is one of those places that absolutely every family should visit together at some point. Plus, right now there’s mummies! Mummies at the Leonardo is a new exhibit that runs to the end of May.

Our oldest is currently finishing up her year in first grade and a lot has changed this year. She’s so much more independent and we’ve already noticed that things are changing in our house. She feels older and doesn’t need us the same as our 2 year old does. This has really made us stop and think. We want to make sure that our children have strong relationships with us and each other. We’ve found that the more we spend time unplugged together, doing something fun and new, the better we relate and function as a family. Seriously, try it. Go do something cool together, educational is even better, and see how you are able to talk a little more and your day goes a little better. Hopefully down the road we can continue to grow together and stay closer even through the teenage years. (Yes, they scare me. I need these girls to know how much we love them and want to be together!)

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Recently we had an opportunity to head up to the Mummies exhibit at the Leonardo Museum. Our kids are young, but oh my goodness they were excited. I was a little nervous that it would scare them, so we did take the time to talk about what a special experience this would be. We discussed that people have been on this earth for a very long time, and we would get to see how people lived differently and believed certain things about burying their dead etc. We were very respectful while there and made sure that our girls saw us only be fascinated and never grossed out or nervous. Children will follow your example most of the time if you put forth the effort.

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It was fun to walk around and talk about what we were seeing. It was such a great night for our family. Can you believe that there’s a baby there from over 6,000 years ago?! That’s incredible!!  It was fascinating to think that these mummies were real people with lives, jobs to do, feelings, trials, loves, losses etc. I wish I could have asked them about their lives, stories and families. Learning about the past tells us so much about who we are and it’s such a great reminder about who we want to be in our lifetime because it is in fact such a short time.

If you have a chance, pay the money and go to the museum. Go for a date or with the kids. It’s worth every dime. When will you ever get the chance to see someone from thousands of years ago?

The Leonardo Museum


209 East 500 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84111