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More Fantastic Towns to Visit in Suffolk County

More Fantastic Towns to Visit in Suffolk County
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There are so many more fantastic towns to visit in Suffolk County. As promised, here’s a few more towns we love to hang out in, especially in Spring , Summer and Fall. While going away is GREAT, you can also get that vacation-y  feel right here  on Long Island and for less stress , time  and effort so be sure to add some day or overnight trips in locally this year!

Sag Harbor

I Love this seaside village and the quaint feel.  You can marvel at  the yachts you’ll see anchored there and wonder who owns them, as I do each time.  You can visit a great little educational toy store where the kids will want to stay for hours. Maybe take a nice walk through the Elizabeth Morton Wildlife Refuge and see how many birds and animals you can find, while enjoying a nice family walk in nature (put away the phones folks!)- this is  LI wilderness complete with salt water marshes and lovely views !  In the village,  there’s the Sag Harbor whaling museum to learn about our whaling history in the U.S. For good eats,there’s plenty of choices in this great village or grab a bite at the local grocery and have a picnic on the beach, watching the boats and birds. LOVE Sag Harbor!


Cupsogue beach, need I say more? Well, I guess I do, since I also love the town of Westhampton and my kids and I often stop there for some Mexican Food and a poke into a few stores. Then it’s on our way over to the beach for the afternoon and a Beach Hut dinner . Nothing like this beach for a great VIBE, the soft sand, the blue waves, and feel of being away from it all on the gorgeous Atlantic! I can’t get enough of this beach! Just driving down Dune Road and marveling at tha beach houses is half the fun!

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A nice town to wander but a bit less ” touristy” than some others. The big attractions here for families are the 2 museums right within walking distance from each other. For the 10( or maybe 8) and under crowd, there’s the  cute hands-on Children’s Museum of the East End, known as CMEE. Lots of little sections to explore and pretend play for the young ones. My kids always loved cranking the handle on the the ( fake) potato chip maker and the art room in the back. Across the way is the South Shore Natural History and Nature Centerwhere a guide will take you along this small museum and kids get to explore hidden  drawers with facts about Long Island diversity , wildlife and nature. There’s a cool touch tank with some marine creatures and a nice deck outback for nature viewing. You only need about an hour there total. If your kids are  a bit older, the family may enjoy Bridge Gardens in the warmer months.


Not out east, but located on the North Shore of Suffolk, we enjoy taking a ride into Northport here and there. The kids love the playground right on the water and I love watching the boats come and go while they play.

There’s plenty of food choices and a fab little toy store there as well. It’s a great village, with a  shipping  and whaling theme of years gone by. Try Skipper’s Pub– it’s been there for years and years and is quite popular, but there are at least 10 other choices right in walking distance too. Northport is known for it’s annual Cow harbor Day and also hold several other events throughout the year.