Makutu’s Island in Tempe, Arizona

Yesterday I took my son to Makutu’s Island.
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I like to call Makutu’s Island a McDonald’s Play Place on steroids. Apparently that’s confusing though because my husband couldn’t understand why I would pay to take my child to a McDonald’s Play Place. Another way I would describe it, is that it’s a warehouse size building with tubes, things to climb on and slides that are a few stories high. They make everything big enough so that the adults can squeeze in and attempt to follow the kids around. (I didn’t see any adults that were able to keep up though, the kids are fast!)

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My son is two, he wasn’t tall enough to climb up everything so I had to be there to help him with some stuff. Makutu’s Island lets kids over 5 run around the whole place with minimal parent supervision, and the kids under 5 can go anywhere with their parents. They also have a play area for the toddlers which he liked as well, but there wasn’t as much in it. There were a couple of small slides and some of those cushion-y shapes. My son tried to take a nap on the shapes. He was so excited to lay down on a triangle.

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We went on a weekday afternoon, and because it was a school day it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. During spring break mid-week it was packed, and very hard for a toddler to play.

Makutu’s Island is seriously huge, it’s easy to get lost among all of the different areas to climb on until you get used to it. I don’t know how the kids figure it out, but they figure it out pretty quickly! Most of the fun is exploring to see everywhere.

They have a two different trees that you can climb up, an area called The Palm Climb and an area called The Cave. The Cave has small crawl spaces and it gets really dark in those spaces, my son climbed up just fine but then didn’t want to leave the well-lit area. He threw a fit when I made him get out of there. I also bruised my shoulder trying to get him out of there. That being said I would have loved that area as a kid, but while chasing my toddler we won’t go in there anymore. My favorite was the blue tree, because it has stairs going around the back and is easier to get up. It has a tunnel to the bigger tree with the yellow slides, and the other direction can get you to the gray slides.

We had a great time but after all the chasing my son around and climbing with him I was tired! I did get a good workout though!