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Lions, Tigers, Bears, and… Dinosaurs?

Lions, Tigers, Bears, and… Dinosaurs?
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For my son’s 2nd birthday, we decided to skip the traditional birthday party and take a family trip to the Fort Worth Zoo.  We were able to skip the crowds by getting there early which made it nice.  Also, the weather was great.

The zoo itself is exceptional.  They have recently opened a new reptile exhibit, but what was truely awesome are all the dinosaurs they have roaming around.  These are truely realistic creatures.  They are life size, and if you watch closely you might see their head or tail move as well as their eyes, and if you listen, you will hear them growl (or make a dino sound).  The dinosaurs range from sizes and shapes.  My boys and I decided to go on a hunt to see who could find the next one.

It seemed like there was a different monster around each corner.  I will say it was pretty amazing to watch the elephants and turn around with T-Rex giving you the evil eye.  This was a great zoo trip.  I can’t believe I haven’t been to the Ft. Worth Zoo in 4 years.  This will for sure be a stop that we frequent.