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Lego Dallas CityScape at the Galleria Dallas

Who has a kid that likes Legos?
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The Dallas CityScape exhibit at the Galleria Dallas is made entirely out of Legos, and is sure to entertain both young and old.

The CityScape exhibit, which benefits East Dallas Community Schools, consists of more than 3 MILLION blocks (wow).  Several Dallas landmarks have been recreated in great detail (the American Airlines Center was probably my favorite), and they are on display through September 3rd.

I liked looking at the Lego creations, but Jack just wanted to build.

Over a dozen Dallas landmarks are on display, but if your child likes to take a more hands-on approach, that’s okay, too – there are three giant Lego  tables with probably a gazillion Legos available to build with.  The staff is extremely friends and we were encouraged to stay and build as long as we wanted!

But…to be honest, we almost didn’t make it to the actual CityScape exhibit.

There is a model train display near the cashier, and this was very exciting.  Eye-level with Jack and having several interactive buttons (one made the train gate go up, another made the train blow its horn), it was all I could do to peel my child away and drag him back to the CityScape displays.  I was totally *that* mom with the screaming kid throwing a tantrum because he wanted to play with the train.

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In the end, it was totally worth the tantrum.  Jack got to watch the train, look at the Lego building, and build something himself.

And on the way out, we got a free prize (which is free with ticket purchase).  We needed that prize.  It was the only way I could get him out of there, since we had to pass that darn train again!

Tickets are $5 each and include a fun prize.  Children under 2 are free.  The exhibit is open until September 3, and benefits the East Dallas Community Schools.  You can find more details on the Dallas CityScape at Galleria Dallas here.

When you’re done visiting the CityScape exhibit, take the kids up to the play area on the third floor…it’s perfect for babies and small children (up to 42″) and conveniently located next to several restaurants.

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Dallas Gets Lego’d with Dallas Cityscape at Galleria Dallas

Dallas Gets Lego’d with Dallas Cityscape at Galleria Dallas

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