Kirkland Fun: North Rose Hill Woodlands Park

I love Rose Hill Woodlands Park in Kirkland because it can offer an entirely different experience every visit.

It can be a peaceful place for picnics, a mini hike, or playground adventures. It all depends on your mood.

The enclosed playground is built to look like a castle, complete with a drawbridge-style entry.  In addition to classic toys like slides and swings, creative climbing toys and castle turrets add an extra level of fun. This bridge was especially popular the day we visited the park:

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There’s also a beautiful lightly-forested area with lots of easy-to-navigate pathways, perfect for young hikers. It’s windy enough that you can get lost exploring different trees, plants and animals, but not so much that you won’t be able to find your way out.

The trail is a mix of pavement and boardwalks. The latter was built to protect the Forbes wetlands, which run through the park. There are access points around the edges of the park and one trail opening that leads to the field and the playground.

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There isn’t a parking lot, but there’s lots of street parking around the park grounds. The playground and lawn can be accessed either via one side that sits along the street, or the walking paths.

North Rose Hill Woodlands Park

9930 124th Avenue NE

Kirkland, WA