It’s Time To Get Your Epic SchoolKids Pass! {For FREE}

What is the Epic SchoolKids Pass?
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The Epic SchoolKids Utah Pack is a free program for Utah Kindergarten through 5thgraders that provides five days of skiing and riding at Park City Mountain. No purchase necessary! It includes one free first-timer ski or ride lesson with equipment rental.

In short, you’d be CRAZY not to get yours.  I’ve lived in Utah my entire life. I’ve never skied (but forgive me a little bit, I have snowboarded). And after having kids, I’ve barely even done that. Why? Because it seems expensive, it seems like it takes a lot of coordination, time, energy . . . and because I didn’t think I could take my kids up and teach them to ski myself.

I always vowed that my kids would know how to ski. And guess what? They don’t. They’ve each been a handful of times and this is the year that all changes. It changes because I have someone else to give them some basics. I’ve got a FREE PASS to get them out with our family and friends to practice their turns. 

We’ve signed up for our Epic SchoolKids Pass and hit the slopes to give the first timers lesson a try.  And we’re here to tell you — it’s THE FUNNEST!

What’s A First Timer Lesson Like?

I’m patting myself on the back. I think we’ve created a video that can cure any first timer jitters if you’ve got a child who’s nervous to give it a try. Check it out:

Epic SchoolKids Utah Pack:

Snag your Epic SchoolKids Pass HERE!

Do it now . . . so you don’t forget . . . and so you’ll actually get your family up to the mountains this year! 

You can get get an Epic SchoolKids Pass if you live in Colorado or Utah. See the full list of propertiesHERE.

Epic SchoolKids Pass Blackout Dates

See the updated list of blackout dates HERE.

Epic SchoolKids Pass Renewal

Already have a pass? Here’s how you renew!

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