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Is it Possible to Be at Peace With Swimsuit Shopping?

In the next few days, I am venturing south to Cabo San Lucas with some of the women in my family.
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While this is meant to be just a brief getaway for the girls, I have actually spent several weeks preparing my family to accomodate my absence. Moms are the linchpin of most household mechanisms and my escape…er, trip… means that lunch preparation, clothes coaching, hair combing, booger wiping, dinner coordinating, errand running and lots of other things that make a household run will need to be rerouted through my capable and loving husband (on top of the responsibilities he regularly shoulders!). I KNOW he can do it, but like any other sub, he’ll need instructions and full details to understand how it all works.

Still, none of this is as time consuming as the preparation for me to leave ME – the Mom/Me. I’ve spent loads of free time and a small amount of cash upgrading the latest version of myself – I’ve gotten a haircut, highlights, pedicure, manicure, waxing, and gone shopping for new summer clothes/shoes. But even though my trip is in less than a week, I have yet to tackle the most important (and emotional) preparation for the trip – I haven’t begun shopping for my new swimsuit. Blech. I think I speak for most women when I say that the swimsuit is the achilles heel of the wardrobe and looking for a new one is usually done out of necessity, not excitement.

When contemplating this shopping excursion, I go back and forth on what kind of suit would be most attractive on my post-childbirth body.  My bikini days are long gone (some would argue that they bypassed me completely) so my first instinct is a skirted tankini like this one:

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It seems to be the kind of suit that would hide the butt and saddlebags but I worry about what it says about me. My friend says that any suit with a skirt instantly ages you and even though I don’t necessarily believe her, I can’t get that comment out of my head.

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My next thought is to have so much going on with the suit that maybe the details of my silhouette would get lost in the fussiness. After doing some research, I’m not sure that’s really a viable option. It may obscure a few flaws but how in the world does one even get in the water in a suit like this?:

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I’ve even considered the sneaky “I’m wearing shorts but they’re really a swimsuit” route. Pared with a cute tankini top, this combination would have tons of coverage which would be great but at a resort?? It seems cowardly and I’m not sure my family would ever let me live it down:

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What I’ll probably do is stick to an average one piece, all black, suck-you-in-drapped-with-sarong traditional suit but I think I’m okay with it. The biggest suprise of this year’s swimsuit shopping season may just be that I think I’m finally comfortable with my limitations. I don’t relish the thought of those flourescent dressing room lights but I know that whatever I find will be tolerable. I’ve gotten to the point that I’m proud of what my body has given me and what it’s been able to accomplish. So what if I’ll never wear a bikini on the Baja Peninsula? My kids would probably just smear jelly on it anyway.


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