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How To Spend A Day In Seattle

How To Spend A Day In Seattle
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If you are looking to spend a day in Seattle, check out this great sample itinerary from Marriott highlighting all of our major attractions!

Pike Place Market – Flying fish, Starbucks coffee and artisans line this historic outdoor marketplace along the coast. The flagship Starbucks store calls this Marketplace home, so be sure to grab a cup of coffee to start your day. After you’re fully caffeinated, order up some fresh fish fillets and watch the staff yell out your order and throw it across counter.

Chittenden Locks – One of my favorite places to visit, witness the various boats that traverse the waters between the Puget Sound and the freshwater of Lake Union and Lake Washington. The Chittenden Locks, known by the locals as “Ballard Locks,” also houses a fish ladder where salmon make their journey between salt and fresh water.   Thanks to the glass ladder, visitors can witness this event easily up close. In fact, if you want to see steelhead migrating, the best viewing is coming up, the last two weeks of February and March.

Boeing Airline Factory – Drive a bit north to Mukilteo and explore the science and technology that powers thousands of flights around the world every day. Tour the factory and see thousands of technicians assembling the 747, 767, 777, and 787 Dreamliner airplanes that are widely in use around the world.

Mount Rainier National Park – This 14,400 foot high active volcano is an icon of the Seattle landscape. The National Park was founded in 1899 as the fifth national park in the United States. Visitors can enjoy the over 2 square miles of wildflower fields, massive ancient trees and stunning views of nature.

Seattle Monorail – Be one of the approximately 2 million annual passengers who ride this Seattle icon. The Monorail travels along a one-mile route between Westlake Center and Seattle Center, connecting Pike Street Market and the Space Needle.

Washington State Ferries – With so much water surrounding the Seattle area, the Washington State Ferry system is an effective way to travel to many of the islands and areas in the coastal Washington area. Park your car (or just climb aboard) and have your camera ready as you witness the beautiful coastline of northern Washington.

Space Needle – The iconic landmark of the Seattle skyline, the Space Needle was built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. Climbing 604 feet into the air, you can witness the city below and the views for miles from the observation deck. Hungry? Head to the revolving restaurant, SkyCity located 500 feet in the air.

Thanks to the lovely folks at Marriott for creating such an awesome infographic sharing some of our city’s amazing sights and reminding me why I love living here.