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How to Pack for Hiking with an Infant

I have been itching to go hiking for a while now, especially now that the weather has Finally cooled down!
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I started off with just a short hike, just me and the baby for a couple of hours. It took me a long time trying to figure out what to pack, so here’s what I found was helpful for me and my 4 month old.

I use and love a Front Carrier but as he gets older we will have to use a hiking backpack for him to sit in. I might only go hiking with my husband then, just so he can carry him!

A Backpack is the next important thing, so that you can carry everything else, like your Water(bring Plenty of it!!), a Small First Aid Kit, Burp Cloth and Receiving Blanket. A blanket is useful for if the baby gets cold or if you need a cover to nurse the baby with (if you are on a well-populated trail).

I use a Changing Pad Kit in my diaper bag, and it was easy to grab and take that too. It has pockets for a few diapers and wipes, and I always keep a couple of diaper trash bags in there too. (Pack it in, Pack it out is gross sometimes!)

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When outside it’s important to cover baby (and mama!) from the sun. Whether it’s with a Sunscreen or Hat try not to get burned! Dressing in layers can help with the weather, it may feel cool to start off with but in no time you can work up a sweat, so you can take off an light sweatshirt and put it back on if you need to.

Something we can’t ever forget is a Pacifier. When going out or hiking I like to put it on a leash so it doesn’t get dropped in the dirt.

If you aren’t breastfeeding you will also have to bring bottles and formula. Bring more than you need, just in case. It might be a good idea to pre-measure the formula in a small ziplock bag and the water into the bottles, so that there is less that needs to be carried around with you. Don’t forget a snack for mama! I was wishing I had one, but luckily I was close to civilization and could grab some food after.

The one other thing that I forgot was my camera. Don’t forget it! It will make those memories last much longer if you can capture the moment!

I hope this helps, and have fun hiking!

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