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How to Have a Fun Road-trip to Disneyland

After many months of planning and preparing, we are booked for our family vacation to Disneyland.
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To say we are excited would be an understatement. Every night my girls pray that we will drive there safely. I guess we will be REALLY blessed by the time departure day arrives!

I am a planner. In light of this knowledge, understand that I am already planning on how to have a fun and enjoyable drive to California (my girls are also really good travelers). Here is how I aim to accomplish my goal:

1.Get good sleep the night before. This is number one for a reason. If anyone in the car is running on “sleep fumes”, everyone will suffer. Getting enough sleep means happy faces, bright smiles, more patience, more obedience, and more tolerance for touching (you know the argument-“so-and-so won’t stop touching me!”).

2.Bring plenty of healthy snacks with a few special treats to mix it up. If all you are eating is junk food, after awhile you (and the family) will feel like junk. When you feel like junk, you act like junk. This will not make for a fun road-trip! So, slice up some cheese and apples. Bring along whole grain crackers, PB&J sandwiches, raisins, nuts and your fun water bottle full of cold, fresh water. Throw in a few fruit snacks for the kids, chocolate for mom, sunflower seeds for dad and you’ve the got the makings of some good car food.

3.Plan for entertainment. Whether this is a selection of Disney movies to play on your portable DVD player or good ole crayons and color books, be prepared! Personally, I plan on getting some new Disney character based coloring books and activity books. My girls have Leap Frog Explorers with the game Tangled. What a fun Disney themed game to play! Maybe I will surprise with the Disney Princess game before we go. Making a CD of all of our favorite Disney movie songs that we can rock out to while we watch the hours fly will also contribute to the fun factor.

4.Add an element of surprise! Give you and your family something to look forward to. What my girls don’t know, is that I am making a special Disney themed package for each of them to have in the car. This package will have something for them to open for every hour we are in the car. These little gifts might be stickers, treats, crowns, books to read, books to color in, McDonald’s coupons, etc. Already I have found great things in the dollar bins at Target! I might be more excited about this surprise then they will be.

5.Expect the unexpected. Know that no matter how well you plan, things will not go as planned. Call it Murphy’s Law if you want, but it’s true. All I can say for this one is to keep a good head on your shoulders with an eye on the prize. You WILL make it in one piece–eventually.