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Here Comes Summer Family Fun

I have an almost 14 year old, a ten year old and an almost 7 year-old.
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They are each exactly 3 years 8 months apart from the sibling next in age to to them. (No I  didn’t plan it that way). These age gaps sometimes make me feel like a schizophrenic mother. I mean the 14 year old boy does not have the same interests or needs as the 7 year old girl. I am constantly having to shift parenting gears as I juggle the 14 year old’s desire  to have 11 p.m. late nights and the 10 year old’s desire to have similar curfews.

As summer approaches I am trying to stave off the panic attack. I must have a plan. Otherwise it will be one long fight over which TV show we are watching and who gets to go where first. I also want to spend time as a family and that means finding activities in Southern Utah that appeal to all the family members. Because although this kiddie pool works for the 7 year old. It’s not really working for my other two kids.

So here are a few of my plans.

A weekly hike. We live in some of the most beautiful country in the nation and I intend to explore it. Anyone can hike (even though my 10 year old claims “nature hates me.”) We will be sure to share some of our favorites with you. First up on my to do list is Red Cliffs Recreation Area. Hikes with water at the end are a big hit with all the family members.

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Cooking Classes  My girls love to be in the kitchen but I also think it is important for my son to know how to cook more than mac and cheese. Once a week my son will be expected to plan and prepare a meal. We did this last summer and it was satisfying for both kid and parents. I’ll share some of our favorite teenager friendly meals and girls’ baking favorites with you on the blog this summer.

Reading Time: I am fortunate to have voracious readers. Unfortunately, they have read through all their favorites. Time to make a reading list for all three ages and myself. First on my list for myself Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson.

Finally, I am loving this Pinterest inspiration.   What will you be planning for this summer for your kids?


Family History Fun & Simple

Last year when I went back home to visit my family in Australia, my mother pulled out the coolest thing I have seen in my entire life – a handmade, hand-bound, hand-drawn, hand-written (you know I love the ‘hand’ stuff) giant comic book documenting the 3 month trip her and my dad took as newlyweds.