Halloween Pick: Fear Factory

I sent my Enjoy Utah field experts to check out Fear Factory, and here’s what they had to say:
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Fear Factory is located in an old factory in an industrial part of old Salt Lake City. I have heard many stories of actual deaths and paranormal hauntings that have happened in the past there.

When we pulled up it was already very busy and a little difficult to find a legal parking spot. (I found out from my parking ticket that my spot under the bridge was not legal so don’t park under it on 800 South!).

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While approaching the building I was pleased to see the great atmosphere with many horrific living dead “things” walking around getting the public in the correct mood for the upcoming experience. They also have booths to buy drinks and snacks if you are feeling like enjoying one. The outside of the building is very intimidating and set up in a great way that makes you think you have already walked into their terrifying haunt.

It took us a few minutes of walking around to find the ticket booth. One of the friendly employees helped us find our way. At the ticket booth we got VIP tickets that allowed us skip a long section of line and also includes a nice gift at the end with pictures. (Those that purchase their tickets online get a FREE VIP upgrade!)

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The creature at the entrance was kind enough to warn us that we had never seen anything like the place we were about to enter. You walk around in dark scary part of the grounds before going down an old stairwell to enter the actual building. The visual overload of this world they have created alone was enough to scare me, but then they threw in creatures to just top it off and make it a time that you will never forget.

I saw things in Fear Factory that made me question how they could even imagine, it let alone create it. I lost count of how many different levels we went through in this creepy place. I saw a creature from an old horror movie that has tried to be recreated in many other haunted houses that have failed in my opinion. Fear Factory is the only place that had the correct atmosphere to recreate this character and they nailed it. You will know when you find him by the clanking of the knives on the end of his fingers and you will want to wake up from your “nightmare”.

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We went into one area that had perfect vampires, and the recreation of the church in this area amazed me. Every time I have been into other haunted houses I have seen one evil person that scares everyone beyond belief. Fear Factory has placed two of these creatures in their evil world.

While you walk around in this factory it is very obvious that it was once a real working factory and it seems like all the souls that spent any time working there have stayed to terrorize you and take you into the afterlife with them.

I have a slight fear of heights and they capitalized on this with all the metal staircases and see-through floors high up in this factory. One of the most amazing things I saw was the brilliant way they get you from one of the top floors back down to ground level. It was exhilarating, and it really brought out the kid in me for that short moment. Many people will think this is the zipline that is outside the building but I’m talking about something different that is deep inside the building.

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I really enjoyed this place and feel that just the building alone is enough to scare anyone, but they did not stop with that and found some amazing creatures to guarantee you go beyond scared to shear terror!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to experience a world-class haunted house. The creators of this place have found one of the scariest buildings possible and combined it with some of the best decorations and characters I have ever seen.

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Enjoy Utah was provided two complimentary VIP admission tickets toFear Factory, but we were not compensated financially. The views and opinions expressed in this review are all our own, and we were not persuaded to write any specific point of view or type of review.

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