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Go Houston Rodeo

It is that special time of year in the Houston area….
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Time for the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show.   When I first moved to Houston 5 years ago I really had no idea that rodeos still took place, let alone were the star attraction in a major city.  And two kids later this was the first year that I thought I could venture out to the rodeo grounds to see what it was all about.

Over the first weekend the rodeo hosted the big BBQ cook-off.  I was lucky enough to score tickets for inside one of the tents but little did I know what it was going to take to get there.  I  just had no idea about the number of people.

But, there are so many great photographic opportunities at the rodeo.  There is a carnival with lots of lights and colors.  And if you have young children it may be easier to take some pictures of them while they are distracted by all those lights.   And what is cuter than a little preschool-aged kid carrying around a winning stuffed animal bigger than he is?

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Visit the livestock show for more photo opportunities.  Cows and horses!   A petting zoo!

Not only does the rodeo provide a great opportunity for some special time with your family, but it also gives you lots of great photo options.  One word of warning though – there are A LOT of people there.  So while you may be tempted to bring your big camera and lens, be realistic about how well you’ll really be able to use it given all the people.  I brought my big camera and I felt like I was constantly bumping people with it.   If you have a small  point and shoot you might enjoy having something smaller to handle with so many people around.  If you do have a bigger camera, you might want to carry a close fitting bag that you can put the camera in when you are not actively taking pictures so you will have your hands free to manage your little ones.

There are lots of pictures on Flickr, a photo sharing site, that are tagged with the “Houston Rodeo” by a number of different photographers.  You can view them for ideas, inspiration, or to just get an idea of what the rodeo is all about.

The rodeo takes place March 5 – March 21st so you still have time to visit for your own photos.


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