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GIVEAWAY: Visit World of Coca-Cola and the Vault of the Secret Formula

GIVEAWAY: Visit World of Coca-Cola and the Vault of the Secret Formula
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With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what we are going to do with the family for summer vacation. One idea is to visit the World of Coca-Cola and their new exhibit, Vault of the Secret Formula. The Vault holds the Secret Formula of Coca-Cola and you can get within a few feet of this secret! It’s been secure in the vault for 125 years and this is your chance to interact with different exhibits that will teach you and your family the origin, mystery and magic of the Secret Formula.

One of the things that you can do is match the wonderful taste of Coca-Cola in the virtual Taste Maker. You and the family can also go through an interactive zone that has legends and myths about the Coca-Cola Secret Formula. You will can also protect the secret yourself by participitating in an interactive game that will take you to the various locations where the Secret Formula has been kept.

Here’s a video to show you more: World of Coca-Cola Vault of Secret Formula

That’s just all part of the new exhibit, Vault of the Secret Formula. Don’t forget about all the other activities at the World of Coca-Cola including the Coca-Cola Loft, Happiness Factory Theater, Character Greetings, Milestones of Refreshments, Bottle Works, Secret Formula 4-D Theater, Pop Culture Gallery, and the ever popular Taste It! room.

Does this sound exciting and something that you want to do during your family’s summer vacation? Then you are in luck, because I’m giving away a pack of 4 tickets for your family! I will draw a winner randomly on Monday, June 4th, therefore all entries need to be in by midnight EST Sunday, June 3rd.

In order to enter this giveaway, all you need to do is one or both of the following:

1. In the comments, please tell me what your Secret Formula for a Staycation in Atlanta is.

2. Share this giveaway on either Facebook, Twitter or your blog and leave a comment below with the link where you shared the giveaway.


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