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Fun things for kids to do while traveling in a car

When we first moved, I didn’t realize how much we would be traveling in the car.
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We live at least 2-3 hours away from an actual city, well, at least a city with a Target. I had the usual DVD player, coloring books, snacks, and I even bought them each a leap frog and put games on it for them.

Well, this next trip is going to be a bit longer. I know my boys, and they are going to get sick of watching cartoons and coloring SO, off to the many blogs out there trying to find some fun ideas for our journey to Nauvoo, Illinois. We decided to drive out instead of flying so that we can stop on the way and see the sights. This might be our only trip to Nauvoo so we want to make this as fun as possible.

I wanted to find some fun games to break up the trip. I also am a pretty simple kind of mom, going ALL out can be stressful and cause anxiety and who needs that for a 18 hour drive.

The Dating Diva’s-Road Trip date

I really love this site. They have lots of fun idea’s for date nights. I really liked the “Count down” and the “License plate “game. Kids are ALWAYS asking, “are we there yet…. are we there yet….. are we there yet….”  with the count down you put the MAIN stopping areas or landmarks on your way, allowing your kids to know they are getting closer to the final destination.  The other three look fun, but too much work for this mom, simple for me.

I like the idea of road trip Bingo. Each state is unique and has different fast food and gas stations so this one can be tricky. Here are a few links for Road trip Bingo. Of course if you go to search on Pinterest road trip bingo, SEVERAL different bingo cards will pull up.

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When taking a car break and at a rest stop or gas station doing a fun scavenger huntwill help keep the kids mind off the car and help stretch their legs and get the blood moving in the body so they are less grumpy. I LOVE the idea of a scavenger hunt. Here are a few links to some fun ones.

I JUST found the mother load of fun road trip idea’s that I like. The Hankful House has super cute and simple games all on one page. I am LOVING this, YEAH!!

I got little binders and expo markers for the kids and we are set for our trip. We are taking a road trip and making some fun memories.


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