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“Frog Prince” – Don’t Miss this one at Dallas Children’s Theater

“Frog Prince” – Don’t Miss this one at Dallas Children’s Theater (special Spring Break showtimes)
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We got a chance to see The Frog Prince at the Dallas Children’s Theater this weekend. It was our first big stage puppet production and it was amazing! The master puppeteers made the puppet movements so realistic that it was easy getting lost in the show. My kids paid solid attention the entire 40 or so minutes that the show played—not always the case with fidgety 7-year-olds!

The story portrays the classic scenario where the Prince is turned into a frog and he has to get a Princess to kiss him so he can turn back into a Prince. The puppet show develops the story with quirky humor and music that makes you tap your feet to the beat. The sets are simply put together, but nicely done and the intimate setting of the Studio Theater is perfect for the production. A special treat for the audience is being able to choose the show ending (the audience gets to decide whether the Prince and Princess get to live happily ever after … or not!).

Since we were there for a weekend performance, we got another special treat from the master puppeteers. When it was time for the audience to vote on an ending (remember, happily ever after or not), the puppeteers told us all about the rod puppets they were using and even showed us how they worked. We also got to see them in action as they played out an alternate ending for the show (only for weekend performances). I wasn’t sure if the “magic” of the show would still be there with all the lights on, but watching the master puppeteers do their thing was awesome!

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My son enjoyed participating in the post show question and answer session and both twins LOVED getting up close and personal with the wonderfully crafted puppet characters. I think every child there opted to get a photo with the puppets, but the lines weren’t too bad.

The Frog Prince is part of the Kathy Burks Theatre of Puppetry Arts, the oldest resident puppet theater in the southwest specializing in elaborate puppet productions using styles of puppetry that include black theatre rod puppets, traditional bridge marionettes, hand puppets and shadow puppets.

The Dallas Children’s Theater puts on 2- 3 Kathy Burks productions a year. Don’t miss out on your chance to see The Frog Prince! The show is playing through April 3rd with extra weekday performances during Spring Break (March 15-18); appropriate for ages 4 and up. Visit the DCT website for more information.

Disclosure: The Dallas Children’s Theater invited my family to watch this production of The Frog Prince. The above represents my personal opinion of this production.