Frisco Fire Safety Town

As our children are returning to school, safety is on every parent’s mind
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What better way than to teach them about safety on our streets than a visit to Frisco Fire Safety Town?

Safety Town is an adorable miniature town built next to Frisco Central Fire Station at 8601 Gary Burns Drive in Frisco, Texas. The town is built at a 5/8th scale with buildings that represent real organizations and companies in Frisco. There’s a Police Station, Post Office, City Hall and of course a Walmart! Sorry ladies, no shopping allowed.

On Family Friday Nights, kids take a safety class and either learn about operating a bicycle or miniature jeep correctly and obeying traffic laws and signals. After the class is completed each child is given a ticket and allowed to ride through the streets of Safety Town. Helmets are provided for the bicyclists. The streets are paved and marked. Traffic and crosswalk signals must be obeyed. This is a free event during the summer.

An educational facility is part of the fun and learning that your child will experience at Safety Town. They can dress up like firemen, drive the fire truck equipped with working lights. A realistic kitchen and bedroom are available for tornado and fire-escape training.

The newest addition is the Core Construction/Farmers Insurance Theatre. The theater features a realistic living room setting as it looks after a fire. The sheet-rock is torn, smoke damage is seen and theatrical smoke comes into the room after the sound of a smoke detector. A short film is shown which helps the kids walk away with a meaningful safety message.

Firefighter Matt Graham explained to us that during the school year local Frisco schools take field trips to Safety Town. Boy Scouts and Girl Scout troops may also schedule safety classes throughout the year. Please have at least 10 children in your group. You may call (972) 292-6350 to schedule a class or tour.

My kids adore Safety Town. They would go once a week if they could. As a parent I am so happy that they have a place to explore,play, and learn such important messages about preventing injuries and staying safe.

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Talking to Kids about Personal Safety

Two types of safety education work well for parents and children and can easily be added to their family’s safety plans: pre-planned discussions and spontaneous opportunities to teach.