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Fossil Rim in Glen Rose, Texas

My son had a silent auction at his school before they let out for summer break.
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My husband and I bid and lost out on many different things, but one of the items we won was a trip out to Fossil Rim in Glen Rose, Texas.

It has been years since I have been out to Glen Rose, so I was excited to take the kids out there.

I’m not going to lie.  It was a long drive.  A long boring drive.   Once we were there, we pulled into Fossil Rim, grabbed some animal food, and were on our way through the wildlife center.  If you don’t already know, Fossil Rim is a drive through wildlife preserve.  You can feed the animals with the feed they give you.  There are 9 miles of winding roads.  Animals are abundant… well, deer are.  We saw quiet a variety of deer, and I wasn’t sure if any other animals were out there.  We did come across the cheetahs, but they were all behind fences.  You couldn’t feed them, and there were signs everywhere cautioning you to stay in your car.  That’s fine.  I wasn’t wanting to snatch one up to take it home for a pet anyway.

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I think the best part of the tour would have to be the giraffes.  Those animals are so stinking cute, and they will eat right out of your hand.  Have hand sanitizer ready because you will need it after that trip.

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After going through visiting the animals, we decided to take a short trip up the road to Dinosaur World.

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Here you will find over 150 life size dinosaurs which are displayed outdoors.  Each dinosaur has its own sign explaining what dinosaur they are and interesting facts about them.  At selected times throughout the day, they have fossil digs for the kids.  They are given 15 minutes to find fossils in a huge sandbox.  at the end of the 15 minutes, they can pick out their 3 favorite fossils, and keep them as a souvenir.   This beats letting them pick out something in their huge gift shop (which, by the way parents, there is no bypassing the gift shop.  That is what you walk into when you first get there.  There is no getting around that part.  If your kids are like mine, be prepare for a fight or a tantrum).

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Dinosaur World does not offer food services, but they do encourage families to bring their own food items for picnics, if they choose.

Location information:

Dinosaur World

1058 Park Road 59

Glen Rose, TX 76043.

Fossil Rim

2299 County Road 2008

Glen Rose, Texas, 76043

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