Flipside in Chandler Arizona

I recently went to Flipside in Chandler with a big group of our family.
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We had ages 8-15, Adults and my toddler. I had so much fun, I can’t wait to go back with a big group of our adult friends! Oh and kids like it too.

At Flipside they have quite a few fun things. We really liked playing in the Blast Pad, an area where they have foam balls that you can throw or shoot out of air cannons. It’s a big climbing structure (think McDonald’s Play Area) that is large enough for adults to not feel too cramped and for little ones like my toddler to be able to climb up too. It was great for an all out war between our group and the balls are soft enough that my son wasn’t hurt in the crossfire!

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We spent alot of time in the arcades, and tried to play any type of competition games with each other. I wasn’t too terrible at Dance Dance Revolution, and I always really love skeeball!

The other big thing we did was play laser tag. I’m in love with it, I want to go back and play all the time now. I was pretty proud (but sad that I didn’t get a picture) because I wore my toddler on my back and the laser tag vest on top of that. My little guy had fun hanging out while I ran around playing laser tag with everyone.

Raejean Roberts mentioned on her post that if you go bring closed toed shoes.

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