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Five Signs I Am Getting Older

This past Sunday my family and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and spent the day at Six Flags.
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If anything, I love just walking around and getting in some cardio as I people watch.  Normally when we go, the lines are unbelievably long, so we are pretty picky about what rides we want to go on.  Sunday, however, there were very few people at Six Flags, which called for short or no lines and we were able to ride everything the kids were tall enough for.  As we got off one of the up in the air, spinning rides I came to the conclusion that I was too old to be spun around at a low rate of speed.  My stomach agreed with me.

Because of this thought, I decided I am getting too old.  He are a few other things that have helped me reach the conclusion that I am no longer young and hip.

1.  Being placed in a small metal air plane and spun around as it moves up and down in the air makes me sick to my stomach.  At the same time, any object that spins around without going up in the air, is enough to make my stomach do tricks.  Just looking at a picture of those darn tea cups makes me want to vomit.

2.  Wine is my drink of choice if out and getting my drink on.   Forget the hard liquor.  I’ll leave that for the college crew who don’t care how ungraceful they look.

3.  Walking by Abercrombie and Fitch gives me a headache.  What the heck is that smell anyway?

4.  Music, these days….The radio in my car tends to stay on Radio Disney or XM 90’s on 9.  Most of the other stuff is just noise, and playing it 15 times in an hour isn’t going to make me change my mind about liking it.

5.  If I am not in bed by 9:00, I’m no good the next day.  Sometimes even 9:00 is pushing a bit on the late side.  My husband and I like to plan movie nights where we put the kids to bed and pick a movie to watch.  Within 10 minutes of the movie starting, he’s snoring on the couch and I’ve already started my shower and bedtime routine.

This is a list of only a few things.  It can go on and on, I’m sure.  I working my way up that ‘ol hill.  Before I know it, I’ll have black balloons and streamers on my birthday, and I’ll be shopping for hair color to cover my grey (which I do not have yet, knock on wood).


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