Family Vacation Series: Crystal Hot Springs

Crystal Hot Springs is located about ten miles north of Brigham City in Honeyville.
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With water slides, pools, and lots of grass to play on, Crystal Hot Springs is fun for the entire family! It is also a great place for large family reunions.

(There is also aHot Springs campgroundlocated further north in Garland that you might want to check out!)

How To Get There:

Drive north in I-15. Take the Honeyville exit 372. Turn right. Continue until you reach Hwy 36. Turn left, and continue until you reach Crystal Hot Springs. Use the map below for more detailed instructions from where you are at.

On the way there or home, you might want to stop at Antelope Island State Park.

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Where To Stay:

Crystal Hot Springs has many campsites available, both for tents as well as RVs. The campsites on the south side are perfect for family reunions are large gatherings. We like to reserve campspots 39 through 47 for large groups. On the map where it says “Flat Ridge” and “Lake Side”, there is a large grassy area for many tents.

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What To See And Do:

Besides all of the swimming and sliding at Crystal Hot Springs, there are also many attractions in the area that you want to make sure you take time to see:

History of Crystal Hot Springs and Honeyville:

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Crystal Hot Springs was originally named Madsen Hot Springs. It was used by the Native Americans as a camp spot in the wintertime. During the construction of the railroad, the Chinese workers used these hot pools to soak in after a long day working on the railroad. A local beekeeper named Abraham Hunsaker is credited for establishing the town of Honeyville. It was originally called Hunsakerville, but Abraham insisted it be changed, and in honor of his profession, it was renamed Honeyville.

Crystal Hot Springs has been a business since 1901. It is unique to other hot springs because it has a hot spring and a cold spring that come together within 50 feet of each other. Crystal Hot Springs mixes the two springs together to create the relaxing pools you can find there today.