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Family Safety In San Diego

San Diego is a wonderful place to live for any young family

San Diegans benefit from year round beautiful weather, fresh produce, nearby beaches, the famous San Diego Zoo, and countless outdoor activities to stay healthy.

Despite all the glory of the sunny San Diego, crime still exists. Similar to any major metropolitan area, crime rates stand higher in some communities compared with others, but no local community is exempt from burglary, home invasions, and threats both in and outside homes.

Whether at home, the beach, or shopping at the local farmers market, there are always ways to teach your children about the importance of staying safe from misguided criminals. As a parent, it’s essential to teach your children about realistic circumstances caused by criminals and to help them understand that safety always comes first.

Unfortunately, we can’t hide children from the world of crime and misconduct that exists even in our communities. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to keeping your children safe. So here are some great tips for staying safe wherever you go.

Staying Safe at the Beach

Visiting the beach is an integral part of life in San Diego. Almost everyone, especially children, loves going to the beach, playing in the sand, and jumping in the refreshing ocean on a hot day. Most southern Californian children even want to learn how to surf.

The first step to keeping your children safe at the beach is enrolling them in swimming lessons. Don’t delay this important training until they’re older. From an early age teaching kids how to swim might save their life in a pool, lake, or ocean when you might be slightly distracted.

Also, when at the beach, set clear and simple rules for playing, swimming, and talking to beach neighbors. For example, do not let your children go swimming without a familiar adult or parent watching nearby. Also, children should not be permitted to walk away from your area without an older known adult or parent. Until they are of adequate age to handle themselves, all activity should first go through asking a parent.

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Get to Know the Local Police Force

One of the most commonly overlooked ways to protect your family and neighborhood is through networking. This isn’t the same type of networking that happens on LinkedIn. Instead, networking in your community involves more of a grass roots approach to creating neighborhood safety.

Most suburban areas either have poor or nonexistent neighborhood watch programs. Establishing an effective neighborhood watch could make all the difference in stopping car thieves, home invaders, and potential child abductors. Relying solely on the local police force isn’t a completely fail proof plan.

Local police forces are usually understaffed, undertrained, and simply don’t have the resources to provide around the clock protection for every person in the community. No police force can guarantee 100% safety.

So the next step in safety networking entails becoming friendly with the local PD. In years past, police offers fraternized and grew to know the members and families in the local communities. Now, local forces often focus on issuing traffic tickets and performing routine stops. A great way to keep your community safe is by setting out to change the police/citizen relationship.

When police officers know your family, they understand and pick up on suspicious behavior better. They will be familiar with which children should be with what adults. They will also know who is a member of the community and who isn’t which can help with identifying suspicious activity.

In addition to bolstering such relationships and community efforts, most local PDs suggest investing in home security systems to safeguard valuables and loved ones. The authorities can’t be everywhere immediately at once. So it can be wise to invest in San Diego ATD alarms and security to protect your home.

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