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Family Camping in Texas at Camp El Tesoro

Spring Break Camping – Camp El Tesoro
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Spring break is coming up and my family always likes to take a little excursion to celebrate the time off. We don’t make it a huge trip – usually just a long weekend somewhere fun that allows us to get away from the everyday stress of the school year. In the past couple of years we’ve trekked to Austin to visit my inlaws but the SXSW traffic has gotten so ridiculously crazy in March that we decided to try something new. For this year’s spring break, we are participating in a family camp at Camp El Tesoro, Campfire USA’s facility outside Granbury, TX.  El Tesoro (“the treasure”) is the oldest Campfire camp in Texas and sits on 223 acres next to the Brazos River.  It’s a year round camping facility that hosts everything from traditional summer camp for kids to retreats for families.  My boys are excited because they love the idea of getting dirty outside without getting in trouble and I’m excited because I won’t have to plan anything or cook any meals – they cover it all for one low fee!

I’ll update again when we’re back from our trip but in the meantime, check out the website for info on other activities offered for families (maybe you could even join us – it’s not too late!).

For more on family camps – read my previous post on family camp at Camp Allen.

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Camp El Tesoro has invited my family to participate in their family weekend in exchange for my honest review of the event. Opinions provided here are my own.


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