Explore Salt Lake City FOR FREE!

This is one of the coolest deals I have ever heard of!
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At the beginning of each month, head to any Salt Lake City Library (NOT Salt Lake County, it has to be a Salt Lake City library) and pick up a “Community Exploration Card“. This card is COMPLETELY FREE, and will get you in FREE (up to four people) to:

This card is good all month long. Each location has about 10 cards per month that they give away, and it is definitely first come, first served, so I highly recommend getting yours on the first day of the month, right at opening! (The downtown library told me that they will allow people to call in and reserve theirs instead of coming in, as long as they pick it up that day.)

Each person is allowed to receive a card once every six months, and you have to be a resident of Salt Lake to receive one.

Here are locations that are considered Salt Lake City Libraries that have these cards available: