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Experiencing New England

Friends, it turns out we’re leaving New England.
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My husband got a great job offer that will require us to relocate. We have to be in our new city in a month. A MONTH!  So much to do….including some last ditch New England experiences.

We have done and seen lots in our six and a half years in New England, so I’m not rushing to do everything. Phew. Here are some things we’ve already done:

Newport Mansions

Boston Freedom Trail

New Hampshire Seacoast

Boston Museum of Science

Keen Pumpkin Festival

Robert Frost Farm


Boston Opera House

Cape Cod


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Mike’s Pastry

Plimoth Plantation

Canterbury Shaker Village

There are a few things I’m thinking we should still do:

Martha’s Vineyard


Minute Man Park

Ben and Jerry’s Tour

Red Sox game

 Climb Mt. Washington

Castle in the Clouds

Old Man of the Mountain

What am I missing? If you only had a month left in New England, or if you were visiting for a few weeks, what would you do? I’m pretty sure we don’t have enough time for all of that, so what would you choose?

Thank goodness it’s summer so we have some flexibility to get out and go!


Apple Picking in New England

There are few things more quintessential New England than apple picking.

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Splashpad in Derry, New Hampshire

Splashpads are all the rage in certain parts of the country, but they’re uncommon here in northern New England.

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Exploring Manchester, England with Kids

Two hundred years ago, Manchester, England was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution.

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Instagram Journey Through England And Ireland

You can really get spoiled from spending three weeks traveling through England and Ireland.

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Great Wolf Lodge New England-Big Resort-Big Fun!

What kid doesn’t love an indoor water park and battling dragons and wizards while in their bathing suit or jammies?

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Boston Freedom Trail

When we have company come into town we always plan to take them on the Boston Freedom Trail

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Keene Pumpkin Festival

The Keene Pumpkin Festival is the number one, must do Halloween activity in northern New England.

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What to Look for in Swimming Lessons

Our New England weather is no indicator this week, but summer is rapidly approaching.