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Experiencing Disney Pirates

My family and I just returned from our annual trip to Disney World
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This year we took our youngest, now 3, for the first time.  We also celebrated our oldest son’s birthday (he turned 6 while we were there).  Since this trip was all about our boys, we wanted to do something that we knew they would love.  For about a year or so they have really into pirates, so we wanted to fulfil all their pirate dreams and have a week dedicated to the world of Jolly Buccaneers.

We started off our vacation by getting a room at the Caribbean Resort.  The awesome thing about this resort is that it has pirate themed rooms and a pirate themed pool.  The room we stayed in was awesome.  The beds mimiced pirate ships, the carpet was made to look like wooden planks, and the tables and dressers were made out of barrels.  We really got the pirate feel.  To top it all off, because we were staying in a pirate room, the resort gave the boys pirate swords.  That was loads of fun until the first kid started crying.  Then we were done with that.

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After a few days of Disney fun, we sent the boys to the Pirate League.  This is an amazing thing for little boys, and even girls, to participate in if you are all princessed out.  The members of the Pirate League will take your little one and give them their own special pirate name, dress them up like pirates, and then do their face paint to make them look like anyone from Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates) to Captain Jack Sparrow.  The cast members do such a great job making everyone’s makeup look life-like.  After the makeup is done, they are sent over for a lesson on sword fighting, then they are taken into a secret room where they receive treasure and get a few pictures taken.  This is the second year that we have done the Pirate League.  The look on the faces of my kids is enough to make me want to do it every year.  It’s not terribly expensive, and the kids have so much fun doing it.

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To make him really look like Jake, they gave him a Jake wig🙂

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It's Blackbeard

Since the boys were all decked out in pirate garb, we took advantage of the Pirate and Pals Firework Voyage.  This was our first time for this, and we will do it again year after year.  It was so much fun!  At the start of the night, we met at one of the ballrooms at the Contemporary Resort.  At that time we were told what boat we would be on.  There was the Captain Hook boat and the Mr. Smee boat.  We got Mr. Smee .  This part doesn’t matter.  The characters do not ride on the boat with you.  After about 15 minutes of playing and snacking in the ballroom, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee come out to visit with the kids and take pictures.  They hang around for a while, until it is time to board the boats.

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Captain Hook and Mr. Smee

Once on our boat, we sang songs and watched the electric water parade go by.  Very up close and personal.  Then we rode over to get close to the Magic Kingdom where we watched the Wishes fireworks.  Beautiful!  So much better than standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers trying to watch it at the park.

On the way back to shore, our pirate guide played Disney movie trivia with everyone.  We won a pirate flag and a new sword because we are masters at Disney movie trivia (not to brag).  Then we sang Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating birthdays.  The guide told some jokes, and pretty much just tried to pass the time on the way back.  Once docked, who just happened to be waiting for us?  Peter Pan!  We got off the boat and Peter Pan talked to the kids, played, and took pictures.  What an amazing end to a great day.

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The boys with Peter Pan (Landoon took off his wig, so he looks silly with the thick, painted on eye brows)

Our pirate filled week was more than I expected or could even ask for.  The sparkle and the smiles were beaming from both my kids.  I would totally do it all over again.  Well done Disney.  Well done.

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