Dollar Movies at Bay Area Theaters

Summer heat beginning to get to you?
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Looking for something fun, easy and cheap to do with the kids?  If you’re longing for a bit of entertainment in the comfort of a dark, air-conditioned room, grab a couple bucks and head to the movies— take a few more bucks for treats, or sneak in your own popcorn and healthy snacks.

The following local cities all have movie theaters showing (slightly) older movies at 10am showings for only a dollar.  It’s even cheaper if you buy a pass for the whole summer.  The other nice thing about it is that if you’re child’s not into the movie, you can leave half-way through and haven’t wasted tomorrow’s lunch money.

Participating theaters, their movie selections and show dates and times include:

Walnut Creek




Pleasant Hill

If you’re not a Bay Area resident, you can find a national listing by state as well.