DIY On the Go Applesauce

Have you seen those cool squeeze packs of applesauce?
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We’ve had them a few times but it seems so wasteful (moneywise and otherwise) to just throw the containers away afterwards. With all of my traveling lately I wanted to buy some for the last road trip but never did. This time I will be bringing some of my DIY ones.

All you need is applesauce and a squeezy water bottle. I have seen them at the 99 cent store recently. You can also add any other pureed type food, I have seen some crazy combinations at the store. We used a jar of baby food mixed with the applesauce. If you have older kids, don’t tell them it’s baby food and as long as it still tastes good I’m sure they’ll drink/eat it. I will have to try to prove my point with my siblings and see if they can tell.

I poured applesauce in my bottle, with a jar of fruity baby food. It was a mix, I can’t remember what exactly it was. I tried some and it was good, but once I gave some to the baby he didn’t want to share with me anymore. He hasn’t been able to eat the store bought ones on his own yet and I had to help him squeeze this one, but he drank it really fast. I consider it a success.

The only thing I plan on doing differently is getting a funnel. It was possible to fill the pouches without one, but it sure would be nice to have one.

I also noticed it was hard to squeeze out every last drop of applesauce, and that bummed me out a little but as far as clean-up.  It was just the same as washing a bowl and a spoon.

I will definately be making some of these before we go on our next road trip. Thanks for reading, and let me know how yours turn out!


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