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Bucket List - Disneyland with Family

If you have children then you know that going to Disneyland is innate to them. It seems from the moment they are born they posses an unexplainable and almost subconscious desire to go.
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Is Disneyland with family on your bucket list? BreAnne just checked it off and you can read just how she pulled it off!

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If you have children then you know that going to Disneyland is innate to them. It seems from the moment they are born they posses an unexplainable and almost subconscious desire to go. Let’s go. When are we going? We must go. It is their little Mecca.

Now if, I mean when, you decide to go you don’t just wing it and throw everyone in the car. At least I certainly don’t, my OCD won’t allow it. Heaven knows I spent way too much time searching, comparing, calling on hotels, transportation, park passes, etc. It all ended when I decided to allow people who have made the journey, experts if you will, guide me through the experience. After one call to Get Away Today that included multiple mock trip dates, numerous travel scenarios and most importantly answers to my 600 questions, I said a prayer and booked our trip.

The only thing I decided to book myself was the airfare and that’s mainly because I wanted to fly Southwest. It was going to be my handsome little 3 year olds first flight and I had to ensure it included HAPPY flight attendants and HAPPY memories. And it did.

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Once we arrived to the happiest place on earth we had the time of our lives! Seriously, who knew it would be so much fun?! Well apparently, the kids knew and they were right. It was as good as their dreams and better than mine. We never waited in a line more than 5 minutes, the weather was cool but sunny, the food options were way better than the mall, and every member of the cast (lingo I learned) was so kind and helpful. The only sadness on our whole journey was when we discovered the Matterhorn was closed due to construction, and my son’s true holy land Radiator Springs was not open yet.

Oh well, I guess we will just have to come back!

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