Disney Dole Whip + Cotton Candy = True Love

I’m a Disneyland late bloomer.
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I was 28 when I went for the first time. Not to worry, I quickly drowned my repressed childhood sorrows in a giant turkey leg. (Which are apparently EMU LEGS?!?! Thanks for ruining it, Zachary Levi.) Disney food is talked about nearly as much as anything else at the park, and now there’s buzz around something new. They’ve taken a flavor cue from their elusive Dole Whip, and introduced pineapple cotton candy at Disney California.

Yes please! The actual Dole Whip is only available at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii, Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tikki Room, and at a place called Whipp’d in Southern California. But, if you hurry to the Disney Anaheim parks, you can get your hands on this pineapple perfection.

I know there are plenty of cotton candy haterz out there (you know who you are), but I dare you to find something wrong with this. I mean, we’re talking sugary pillows of Dole Whip flavored heaven that melt in your mouth. Crowds are going crazy over the new creation too, which makes us hope they will make it a permanent thing.

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I think I need to plan a trip to check it out, because now that I’m an adult, I can hit up Disney whenever I want. And I’ll eat cotton candy for breakfast if I want to. You can’t stop me.