Discount Tickets to Animal Inside Out at The Leonardo

This exhibit is quite possibly the best science field trip you will ever take your family on!
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Our kids (ages 5-11) were enthralled (as well as my husband and I).

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About Animal Inside Out

Explore the intricate biology, zoology and physiology of the world’s most spectacular creatures, large and small in this fascinating new exhibition byBODY WORLDS creator, anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens.

ANIMAL INSIDE OUT takes visitors on an anatomical safari of more than 100 specimens. Each animal is painstakingly preserved by the remarkable process of Plastination, invented by Dr. von Hagens.

From goats to giraffes and octopi to ostriches visitors will discover the form and function of animals both exotic and familiar. Animal biology textbooks spring to life in this unforgettable museum learning experience.